Tiger Rated: Tech Guide 2017


These days college students need a bit more than pen and paper. Having a tablet or laptop has become a necessity for any major and with so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose. Here are my top tech picks to help you find the device that best fits your needs.

ChromeBooks | Affordable & Efficient

These are for the students that only need a device to take notes and watch Netflix. Simple, efficient and affordable, these have less storage than a standard USB thumb drive but make up for it in speed. They’re fast because they typically have SDD hard drives. Chromebook processors are slow but considering that most of the applications they run are not that intensive, it’s enough.

iPad | Simple and easy

Some of the things you’ll get with Apple devices are simplicity, excellent build quality, ease of use, and giant markups. Apple devices are not cheap and more often than not spec for spec you can find something cheaper. However, you have access to the entire app store which is the most comprehensive and best source to obtain peer-reviewed applications. If you have an external keyboard, taking notes is a decent experience and watching videos and playing games will be great.

Surface Tablets | The pseudo-laptop

So an iPad wasn’t enough for you. Maybe you want to do some slightly more intensive things with your computer such as light photo editing. Maybe you just want something that can be a tablet or maybe you just feel comfortable using Windows. Keep in mind that the extra power is not going to come cheap, but it is a good investment for many college students.

HP Spectre | the windows fanboy

An absolutely great Windows laptop. Featuring an Intel core i7 Processor this will fit the needs of most, if not all, college students. This is ideal for those who are willing to step away from the big apple and need something a bit more beefy for certain applications.

Macbook | The Apple fanboy

Like the iPad featured earlier, the Macbook has simplicity, excellent build quality and ease of use. This is for the student who is looking to enter a creative design field because it is considered the standard for students doing video and graphic design work. Though its high price is a deterrent for many, for someone who is familiar with Apple’s interface and quality, this is an essential device to own and is worth the investment.