The Best Summer Bucket List

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Cap and gown: Check.

Stage walked: Check. 

Diploma received: Check.

Summer bucket list: In progress

We’ve been there. There’s only so much time before summer ends and your first year of college begins. Things to do, people to see, vacations to enjoy. For those of you looking for ideas to make this summer the best one yet, we've compiled 31 of our favorite summer activities. 

Some of these are easy to check off and some of them require a bit of effort and exploration. Either way, we're sure these will make some outstanding memories. Share your achievements on Instagram with #PacificBucketList! 

The Best Summer Bucket List

  1. Take a train ride
  2. Send a postcard to an old friend
  3. Go on a road trip out of state
  4. Take a picture on the border between two states
  5. Binge Watch a Netflix Series
  6. Make a midnight Taco Bell run
  7. See a local band
  8. Participate at an open mic
  9. Go stargazing 
  10. See the total solar eclipse in August
  11. Hang out at a bonfire
  12. Support a local sports team
  13. Water Balloon fight 
  14. Go to an art gallery
  15. Get a library card and check out a book
  16. Read the book you checked out
  17. Go inner-tubing
  18. Find a paper town
  19. Reenact a scene from your favorite movie
  20. Learn to cook something fancy
  21. Chalk up the sidewalk 
  22. Watch the sunset over a body of water 
  23. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck
  24. Drink from a coconut 
  25. Perfect your s’mores technique 
  26. Nap in a hammock
  27. Attempt yoga
  28. Stay up all night with your best friends
  29. Have a bubble blowing party
  30. Visit a relative that lives outside of your hometown
  31. Explore your future campus