Malcolm Gingras

Portrait taken by  Eric Orosco

Portrait taken by Eric Orosco

Malcolm Gingras
Political Science major | Pacific Ambassador | '19

How does it feel to be on campus during the summer?
I love campus. I love being on campus and I love living on campus. Part of it is, of course, the need to be away from my family because I'm getting to the age where as much as I love them I want a bit more independence. It’s a beautiful campus and it has always felt like home to me. My mom and my sister attended Pacific and I’ve been coming to campus as long as I can remember. It’s one of the oldest childhood memories that I have. I'm comfortable here. I wish we had a long winter break and a short summer break so we could enjoy the summer beauty more. 

When you got back on campus, what was the first thing you were excited to see?
I wouldn’t say that it was something I saw because it’s not just a visual experience. It’s knowing that UOP is still here and that I do get to come back. I like walking around and seeing all the trees. I don’t like being in treeless places. UOP feels like home.

What if I told you there were over 100 species of trees on campus?
I wouldn’t be shocked at all. That's part of the magic of Pacific. 

This is your first summer as a Pacific Ambassador, right? What are you most excited for?
It is. My sister was an ambassador and I enjoyed orientation when I was a newly admitted student, so I’m excited to help out. I love the other ambassadors and I love my bosses. It's rewarding to have the opportunity to help students get to know Pacific better and get adjusted to campus life. 

For you, was orientation an enriching experience?
Yeah! It wasn’t a whole bunch of new information because I had been going to UOP since I was a kid. But it was like, oh wow, this is actually real. I really get to come here and be here by myself. Like not just staying in my sister's residence hall but actually getting to do the whole college thing. Orientation was a great experience and I still talk to and see almost every person that was in my orientation group.