Margaret Roberts

Portrait by  Alex Gerberick

Portrait by Alex Gerberick

When did you start working at Pacific?
I started working here in July of 2002, a little over 14 years ago. I had spent 10 years in the recruiting industry, the internet economy had exploded, and I needed an opportunity to repackage my skill set, and discovered that the university career center environment was a good place for me to transfer my skills.

What was your first impression of UOP?
My first impression was: an ivy league school in the middle of California.

Do you have a fondest moment from teaching here?
I don’t know that I can say that I have any one fondest moment. Really the moments are kind of this repeat pattern of students that I work with who are nervous about the interview process, struggling with what to do with their career, trying to work through those challenges, and having seen over and over again students working really hard. When they come back into my office because they’ve just got a job offer, I see the excitement and exhilaration and relief on their face because all their hard work paid off.

What are you most proud of in your career?
The opportunity to impact the start of a career for someone that is completing their college experience whether they are 22 years old or 42 years old. To see them reach that goal and see the impact of their hard work and getting into the business world and achieving that dream is very rewarding.

How has your experience been as a student and a professional?
So you’re referring to my taking on getting a master’s degree. For me what that has done is its given me the ability to look at how I operate in the classroom from the perspective of being a student— when I started teaching more than 10 years ago, I hadn’t been in the classroom since the early 90s, so I was really not basing my approach to teaching on having been trained as a teacher because I wasn’t trained as a teacher. I was really bringing more of the business world knowledge into the classroom and sharing that with students in a little bit more structured way. Being now a student and studying education gives me an opportunity to really think about how students are receiving knowledge and information and how to make the experience in the course that I teach, the Career Development Seminar, a more interactive experience. I know through all of my own professional experience when we experience things we retain them.

If you could give yourself 30 seconds of life advice, what would you tell say?
Go back to school sooner. Don’t wait nearly 30 years to do it. But I do appreciate it more now. I look forward to class which I’m sure is not true for a lot of people. When I was graduating college my dad suggested that I continue and get a master’s degree but I was tired of school. I was ready to go to work. I know why I didn’t do it then, I just wish I did it earlier in my Pacific career.

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