Chris Leonor-Di Paolo

As a graduating senior, do you have any plans for this Spring?
So far I’ve applied for jobs that I think fit me well, socially. So, I’ve applied for the Disney college program in both Anaheim and Florida, but I’d prefer Florida because I know Anaheim’s Disneyland like the back of my hands. I guess I just want more Disney World experience.

What's the story behind your passion for all things Disney?
I basically grew up loving Disney. In fact, my dad worked for Disney. He works on trains so he would work on the Steam Engines in their theme parks growing up. But more importantly, I think Disney inspires true happiness in people, and that’s what I want to help achieve when I’m older.

Do you think the main reason you're majoring in Communications is to help inspire that true happiness?
Yes, definitely. Actually, I realized this because being from an Asian family they tend to typically want you to major in something in science or math and I realized that it wasn’t for me. I was the dark horse in the family for a bit because the rest of my cousins were studying to become nurses, doctors, and pharmacists and I kind of just said “I just want to work at Disneyland” but in a higher sense. I also, think I have this great ability to get people to talk and come out of their shell.

Has this been an important skill to have here at Pacific? 
100 percent, I think it’s an important skill to have anywhere in life. That’s what companies are looking for now a days beyond your business/technical skills, being able to communicate is key. I like to think that I’m naturally that way already; however, through the classes at Pacific, Pacific’s Greek organizations, and the job that I currently have here as well, I’ve just become a better person and have learned to communicate with people in such a way that I wouldn’t have by just being the way that I am.