Alex Gerberick


How does it feel to be graduating?

It’s crazy. I don’t know what it is like to not have a class to go to. I don’t know what to do in my free time other than to look for a long-term job. It’s weird, I don’t think it has sunk in yet. 

Are you going to miss Pacific?

Yes. I think that it will be good to have a break from Pacific for a little bit but I definitely will hold my memories and time here close to my heart because it has been such a huge part of me growing up and getting out there in the world as an adult and functioning human. 

One of the things I’m very thankful for at Pacific is the diversity that you have within the classroom and within the professors and their experience. I think each of the professors here has a unique take on their field and has unique experiences that help shape their teaching style in the classroom. I think for me it was great to learn alongside international students, students from around the country, students from all types of backgrounds, and professors from all over with all types of backgrounds. I think it really made my education here very unique. 

What are the things you’re going to miss about Pacific and or Stockton?

I know I’ll definitely miss the safety net I feel at Pacific. I know I’ll miss a lot of the people here and the friends I’ve made. I’ll miss being able to make memories in college because it is really the best four years of my life so far. As far as Stockton I’m going to miss the food so much. I think that Stockton has such a wide variety of like cultural ding destinations and I don’t really have that in Gilroy. I’m going to miss all the food and I think that Stockton is really starting to grow and I think it will be neat to watch that and I think it will be even more neat to be a part of that. Like downtown is getting pretty cool right now. There are a lot of new shops and restaurants...

How has Pacific shaped your life?  

I think my courses prepared me to have marketable skills for jobs. I think what’s prepared me, even more, are the internships I’ve had on campus. If I didn’t have that core foundation for my courses I wouldn’t be able to have an internship and if I didn’t have an internship I can’t get a job. So for me, learning not only things from textbooks but also things from within the classroom and being able to network with other students and professors. I think that that has prepared me for the real world. All that combined has hopefully made me a candidate for a position in a big girl job. 

What do you look forward to about entering the “real world”?

I look forward to developing a greater sense of independence and to figuring out what I really want to have my life be shaped by in the future. Figuring out simple things like, how I want to dress as an adult and also more complex things like, what makes me happy, what excites me, what can I look forward to every morning when I get out of bed. That kind of thing. So just really developing that and having experiences that help me figure that out. I think that’s going to be really interesting to experience and having to look back on this moment now and how those experiences are going to shape me. 

If you could say something to your freshman self, what would you tell her?
Um, if I could talk to myself four years ago, hum. That’s tough. We always ask people that…it’s a lot harder than we realize at the time. I don’t really regret anything I’ve done in college but I could have given myself more confidence coming in. I think knowing that everything is going to work out is something that would really help me. I think, uh, to try and connect with professors and to take full advantage of opportunities given to you is really important. People always tell you your professors are there for you and to go to their office hours and you never truly figure that out. You never really truly do that until you have that moment of panic and need and you’re sitting there talking with your advisor and thinking why didn’t I do this sooner? I think there is a fair amount of stuff in college that you have to figure out on your own so I guess if I could give any sort of advice to myself it would be to just have confidence that everything will be okay. 

What areas on campus are you going to miss?

I don’t get out much so I really enjoy my morning walk to work. It’s a very short walk but I think that I really try to take my walk to work and enjoy it every morning and not take it for granted. I get to walk passed Faye Spanos Concert Hall and I get to see the trees blooming for a couple months and then next to Knoles lawn you see the roses go through all their different stages and watching the seasons at Pacific change. Knoles hall has always been one of my favorite buildings on campus. From the moment I toured here, I thought it was so pretty. It was really cool for me to be able to work in an office here and the ivy on the side of the building and the colors in the morning light…it’s just so pretty to me. Around here is my favorite spot and I think that’s because I’ve spent so much time here. 

Any final words?

I think for freshman it’s important to challenge yourself with things that make you uncomfortable (in a positive way). If you’re concerned about making friends really focus on things that you enjoy doing and do those things frequently within the first three months of school because if you’re doing things you like you’re going to be surrounding yourself with people who are also doing those same things and they probably like doing those same things too. I really think those first three months are crucial because everyone is new here and everyone is trying to make friends at the same time so that’s the best time to make friends. Your friends will definitely change over the course of the years but being able to have that solid group of friends as a freshman is really important to a lot of people and I know that it’s one of the points a lot of people stress about. Just do stuff that makes you happy and you’ll find people that make you happy too.