What to bring to school?

WHAT DO I NEED FOR COLLEGE??? Moving into a dorm room can seem a little frightening, especially when you might be farther away from your most valuable items (and people). Do you need your massive flat screen TV? Probably not if you’re someone who mostly watches things on their phone. Do you need to bring a desk? Nope, we have you covered. Instead of worrying about something you forgot, let us help you begin with what you need and work your way from there.


A Great Backpack

Backpacks are awesome. More than just carrying your stuff it’s your dorm away from dorm. Everything you need for the day needs to fit in it so don’t get the cheapest one or the cutest one, get the one that meets your needs!


A Big


You need something you can shove all your laundry into. Something that can hold all your bed sheets. A weekend warrior get-a-way bag for those Tiger Escape trips you might tag along on. Something that maybe isn’t that expensive, but durable. To put it lightly, a big bag.


A Laptop

(Tea not included)

You need something that you can use to submit assignments, write papers, and most importantly watch Netflix on. You don’t need to get the most expensive one you can find (COUGH COUGH APPLE COUGH COUGH) but you don’t want something with a floppy drive either. A great option for students are chromebooks



Yes, even in Insert Current Year Here you need paper. Many teachers will expect you to fill out papers in class and turn them then and there. That’s sorta hard when you need to bring a printer to class with you. A lot of people like to take notes the “old fashioned way”. Studies show that students also have better memory retention when writing out reminders and notes.

Some more things you might need

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Paper

  • Earplugs

  • Sleep-mask

  • Coupons! (trust me they add up and help a lot)

  • Bedsheets (Gross that you need me to tell you that)

  • Towels and bath robes

  • Febreeze (Thank me later)

  • Something to remind you of home

  • Toiletry necessities

  • Professional clothing (you never know)

Things you might not need

  • A printer if you’re an SOECS student (Free printing!)

  • Any kind of stove or hot plate

  • Your beanie baby collection (Post 2000 kids click here)

  • Your space heater

  • Snow gear (UNLESS you are taking a fun trip) ( North Central California weather everybody)