College Guy's Guide to Interview Attire



Don't worry if you don't own an expensive suit or a suit at all. It's important to note that suits are not mandatory for a job interview. Plus, finding a decent suit that fits you well (really important) AND fits the budget of a college student can be a hassle and at times nearly impossible.

However, depending on the position that you're applying for, in some cases a suit might be a good idea. For example, a job interview for a high ranking position at a renowned company. The Career Resource Center is a great resource if you're wondering whether or not a suit would be expected in your field.

  • DO: Choose a suit preferably in a dark solid color, however not in black. Khaki/Camel color is also fine.   
  • DON'T: Choose a suit that doesn't fit (too big or too small) getting your suit tailored is always a good idea. But if you don't have access to a tailor, make sure to at least try the suit on first! Also, don't choose a suit with an obnoxiously flashy pattern or wear a suit jacket and pants that don't match.

However, if you aren't the owner of an Armani suit, and aren't particularly fond of tailors, don't worry. Focus on having these essentials instead:

Dress Shirt

1 dress shirts stamped.jpg
  • DO: Choose a dress shirt that is preferably long sleeved, solid colored or conservatively striped with a straight collar.
  • DON'T: Wear a short sleeved shirt, or overdo it by choosing a flashy dress shirt with a funky pattern or design. Keep it simple.


  • DO: Choose a regular width tie with a modest pattern as it gives off a simple, classic, yet sophisticated look.
  • DON'T: Choose an abnormally skinny or abnormally wide tie or one with a flashy pattern design. Also, try to stay away from ties which may contain any religious, political, or sports symbol. 
  • TIP: For tips on how to tie a job interview appropriate tie click here 


  • DO: Choose the appropriate color pants. Black, grey, and navy are the most common. However, Khakis are also cool too, just as long as you match with the rest of the attire (Tie and Dress shirt).
  • DON'T: Wear wrinkled pants, shorts or jeans (you knew that).


  • DO: Choose any dark colored sock that preferably matches with the bottom of your slacks, preferably long enough to not show your skin.
  • DON'T: Wear ankle socks or any sock with a flashy/bright pattern design. Once again, try to stay away from socks which may contain any religious, political, or sports symbol. 



  • DO: Choose a brown, black, or any other dark colored pair of leather lace-up or slip-on dress shoes.
  • DON'T: Wear dress boots, sandals, Crocs, or any sneaker, whether it's a basketball or fashion sneaker (Yes, even if they're Yeezy's).


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