So, You Want to Rush a Sorority… Part 1

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If you’re wondering if Greek Life is for you, or if you’re wondering how recruitment/rush works, this article will hopefully clarify things a bit. 

If you’re thinking about joining a social sorority at Pacific, you aren’t alone. About 20% of students choose to rush a social sorority or fraternity at some point in their college careers.


Here at Pacific we have a system called “deferred recruitment” which is a fancy way of saying you have to wait until January to join a house. If you are a super star and took a bunch of AP classes and feel you must join a sorority the second you step foot on campus, you can do so if you’re coming in with at least 12 units.  

With that said, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend jumping into a sorority first semester. There’s a reason Pacific has you wait until the spring and even if you are #dying in your dorm and #literallycant wait, being able to settle into college life is a really, really good thing. I personally came in with enough units to rush but waited until second semester because:

A. I didn’t know I could rush first semester (oops)
B. I needed time to figure out college me.

It’s also nice to be able to spend time getting to know girls in different houses over the course of first semester. This will give you time to create your own impressions of the culture of each of the sororities, but keep in mind they will probably be doing the same

Quick Tips

‘Twas the night before recruitment and you still don’t really know what to expect/wear/think. Before I give you a full breakdown tomorrow, check out these tips to get you relaxed and ready for the craziest 4 days of your life!


Wear comfy shoes, comfy clothes, and comfy nails...?

You will be walking up and down stairs/from house to house/back to the UC/back to the houses. You don’t want to be the girl with the really cute shoes and the not so cute blisters. You also will be sitting down and standing up. Sometimes you might have to sit on the floor. So just be comfy. Also, don’t get fake nails if you don’t usually wear them because I got them for the second time in my life and I couldn’t do any of the crafts. I looked and felt dumb and also bummed out because I wanted to get my craft on. 

Be open to each house

You’ve had a whole semester to hear the stereotypes and hopefully form your own impressions of each house. With that said, a few girls do not set the tone for the entire house, so now is a great opportunity to get a better feel for what everyone’s all about.

Be yourself.

As with any interaction, it is important to be genuine and not to base judgements just on first impressions or a few girls. You will be meeting a lot of people, so if you and the first girl you meet that night don’t hit it off, don’t fret. Each night you’ll pair off with around 3 different girls so greet each of them with a smile, and an open mind. They are just as nervous as you are because they are trying to make a good impression and lead an engaging conversation with you.



It’s not polite to starve yourself. Grab snacks when you can because you are in for long days and nights. Also, the food is delicious and prepared by each house’s in-house chef. Take advantage of the free food and don’t be shy. Oftentimes, the girls are waiting for you to eat so they don’t come across as rude. In reality, they are just as hungry as you are. Break the ice and eat some cake!

Trust your instincts (and the process)

Only you knows what is best for you. At the end of the day it’s important to remember who you are, and who you want your young adult self to be shaped by. Choosing a house which aligns with your priorities is important, choosing a house to try to be like someone you aren’t is not. With that said, sometimes you won’t get your top house. Sometimes you’ll be invited back to a house that you didn’t really want to go back to. That’s okay. As with all things, give it a chance. Just know that if at anytime you aren’t really feeling it you can back out. That’s okay too.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a full day by day breakdown of what to expect!